Committee Members

Chairperson: F. Körte

Deputy Chairperson: J. Hildebrand

Treasurer: U. Voigt

Secretary:  H. Nel

Gardens Administrator:  Sr. M. Basson (voted by the AGM on 21.09.2016)

Finance Committee:  to be assigned at a later stage

Rep. of the MC in Gardens Committee: A. Deary

Heim Committee: Dr. H. Welke, I. Rencken, H. Böhme, Sr Basson

PR Committee: E. Gerntholtz, I. Rencken, Sr Basson

Technical Committee: F. Körte, H. Böhme

St. Johannis Park: F. Körte, H. Böhme, J. Hildebrand

Heim enlargement:  Sr. M. Basson, Dr. H. Welke, H. Böhme, F. Körte

Volunteer work:  Sr. M. Basson, E. Gerntholtz

Johanniter:  O. Gerntholtz


O. Gerntholtz

St. Johannis Heim Committee

Dr. H. Welke
I. Rencken
H. Böhme
Sr Basson

Public Relations

I. Rencken (Chair)
E. Gerntholtz
M Basson

Finance Committee

Mr Uwe Voigt

Technical Committee

F. Körte
H. Böhme

St. Johannis Park Committee

F. Körte
H. Böhme
J. Hildebrand

Reserve Fund Committee

K. von Pressentin