On Friday 28th. February, the “Tygerberg City Choir” directed by Choir Director Peter Roux and accompanist Carike Byker, entertained guests and residents of Heim, Gardens and Park.

Ralph Arend welcomed the choir on behalf of the St. Johannis Organisation, and thanked them for performing free of charge!

The theme of the event was “An Evening of Music” and the members of the choir made sure that their 47 voices were heard by all. The choir surprised us by singing in German: “Abschied vom Walde” and “Lerchengesang” both from Mendelssohn.

The audience participated in singing among others the choruses of “It’s a long way to Tipperary” and “Pack up your troubles”.

The evening ended with the well-known song: “Amigos Para Sempre”  ( Friends for Life )

I reckon, those who attended the event will agree with me, that we should invite them again.

Günter Berg