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A Place to Live

It is an eye-opener to experience St. Johannis Heim in the company of Sr Marina Basson. As we walk through the different areas, she frequently stops to chat to individuals or to make introductions. This interaction reminds me of how Dame Cicely Saunders explained the role of St Christopher’s Hospice to her patients. ‘You matter […]

We are Retiring from the Monitor

We want to thank all residents for their support the last three years. We wish the next Monitor team everything of the best. Karl and Lorraine Nuss. Im Mai 2018 feierte der Monitor sein viertes Lebensjahr. Ohne Unterbrechung gab es jeden Monat eine Ausgabe, die über das Leben und Geschehen in Heim, Gardens und seit […]

Welcome to Park

Gunther Berg lives in a house in Park. He is presently in Germany on holiday. In another house we meet Peter and Erika Knye. They have been living in the Bellville area for most of their married lives. They were both BSc graduates. After graduating, Peter worked in various capacities in the Dairy Industry, mainly […]