Hi, for those that I have not met yet, I am Liz Walters, residing at St. Johannis Park, otherwise known as “the bunny lady”. We were fortunate to find accommodation here and am very grateful to be part of the St. Johannis family, I have met kind, supportive residents and made priceless friends here. The staff have shown unconditional love and support towards me, I am very blessed.

One morning I was surprised when SJO asked me if I would kindly take care of their 4 rabbits and the budgies, of course i was very overwhelmed with excitement to volunteer to this task. As the bunnies got to know me, I decided to take them to my husband in frail care. His face lit up and it made my heart so happy to see him glowing again, so it became a lunchtime routine. I then asked permission if I could take Snowy, the tamer one, to visit other residents of St. Johannis, they were very happy with my idea, just not to be taken off St. Johannis premises, hence Snowy started her adventure with residence. The joy, smiles and positive glowing reactions I witnessed when they stroked and saw Snowy, was too precious for words. I am not sure who enjoyed it more, the residents, Snowy or myself! I guess all of us. Three weeks ago, early on Sunday morning I noticed little cotton balls hopping around, as I got closer, I realized we have baby bunnies, but they sca ttered back into their nest which was an underground tunnel. I sat there for a while and they slowly all emerged… pure white ones, black ones and one that is identical to daddy. This was a very happy event but could not be repeated therefore we took Mr. Rabbit, the only male, to be castrated at the vet last week. The operation was successful. A baby bunny is called a kit, and they are adorable bundles of fluff and full of energy, just like children. I am trying not to get attached to them as I will have to find loving homes for them soon, but we will still have Snowy, Thumper, Mr. Rabbit and Bun Bun.

I am very grateful to the staff of SJO for giving me this opportunity, as in doing this it has helped me emotionally in my grieving process of the passing of my husband. I also always make time to talk to residents or listen to their life stories. I have found my home and knew God lead me here for His reasons.

Thank you, much love Liz.