Communal Braai

Originally the Gardens and Park braai was scheduled for the 7th. August but due to inclement weather conditions postponed to 9th. August.

Considering the short notice given, the attendance was still good.  About 20 people, 50/50 Gardens and Park turned up and they used the opportunity to meet one another.

The answer to my invitation and questionnaire distributed to the Park residents was overwhelming. Mostly are in favour of “social get togethers”.  Perhaps at a later date we might be able to form groups to play cards or games.

The day was “National Women’s Day” and I’m sure that a number of our single ladies welcomed the fact that the “men did the cooking”.

Lizbeth spoilt all by distributing small bottles of Schnapps, Barbara provided delicious stickers, soaked with alcohol, very tasty indeed, and I don’t know who did it, but thank you ladies for the table decorations.

I will try to organize another braai in October, all I ask is R5,00 per person to cover the cost for the fire wood and charcoal.


Hope to see you soon! – Günter