On 16 April 2019 Felix and Cynthia Pina had a celebration of their 64th anniversary with their children and family in a restaurant in Stellenbosch.

Felix was born in The Hague in the Netherlands and emigrated with his family to South Africa in 1949. In 1951 he started working for the Vacuum Oil company which later became Mobil Oil and is today known as Engen. Felix was the Employer Relations Manager and his good people skills paid off in him being promoted to National Employer Relations Manager. In 1992 he retired.

Cynthia’s grandfather, Oupa Visser, owned the farm where the Parow Golf Course is today. Cynthia lived with her parents in no. 50 Washington Street on the corner of Twelfth Avenue, before the road was widened and renamed. By profession Cynthia was a milliner, not your everyday job!

On their wedding day in 1955 a guard of honour was formed by the boy scouts and the cubs of the clubs where both of them were very active. Felix was the national Commissioner of Scouts and Cynthia was a Ranger Guide of the Girl Guides.

They have two sons, Ralph who lives in Stellenbosch and Marc who lives in Florida in the USA.

Felix and Cynthia became great grandparents on 12 February 2018 when little Elena Steyn was born to their granddaughter, Heather and her husband, Dirk Steyn in Edmonton in Canada. They have since relocated to Calgary!

Their son Marc writes the following: When I was a youngster, dinner parties at our home would always turn into a song fest as my dad would bring out his guitar and start strumming and singing the hits of the day. The blue-eyed singing Dutchman had a very good voice and was quite the showman.