There is a lot of talk about global warming.

What can I do to combat this? We cannot stop the cutting down of hundreds of acres of forest, but each one of us CAN do something

Even in a small way.

The “spekboom” (portulacaria afra), indigenous in South Africa, has been declared a super plant. It feeds the elephant in the Addo Park. Even humans can put a leaf or two into their salad. It cleans the air!

This wonder plant should be in every garden as it cleans the air. When I was in Delhi (the most polluted city in the world) I noticed the spekboom planted beside the highways.

The spekboom grows so easily from cuttings, needs no extra watering and is also a pretty plant. It can even be planted is a small pot. Do try it, because it will make your surroundings healthier.

Gisela Wittenberg