“The flowers that bloom in the Spring, tra, la” (A Quotation from the “The Mikado”; Gilbert and Sullivan)

At 10am on Monday, September 2, 5 of us mainly from the German Roman Catholic Church in Cape Town, joined the pastoral worker, Petra Schindler, a frequent visitor to St. Johannis Heim, for an outing to   the West Coast National Park to see the flowers.

On our way to the destination, we stopped at a very traditional South African restaurant just before Langebaan for a coffee break.

Arriving at our destination we paid R83 for entry; then drove a few miles to Postberg to see the flowers.

There were wonderful views over the coast and Langebaan itself, which we enjoyed while having a picnic lunch.

On the way back we stopped at the Koi San Education Centre for coffee and returned here just after 5pm.

It was a very successful outing and Petra would like to organize such trips which are available to everyone once every 4 to 6 weeks if possible…

Jennifer Bransby (Windholz)