The St. Johannis Organisation consist of the St. Johannis Heim (an Old Age Home with a frail care facility), the St. Johannis Gardens (a Retirement Village – life rights) and St. Johannis Park (also a Retirement Village but with sectional title), which is on sale right at the moment).

The St. Johannis Organisation is governed by a Constitution which defines the structure as well as the rights and obligations of all stakeholders. The operational business is in the hands of a Management Committee which has ten members. Four of these members are appointed by the Founder Members (Lutheran Cape Church, Catholic Church Cape Town, Deutscher Verein and Johanniter Orden) and six members are elected by the members (of which the Life Right Holders in Gardens constitute the majority and in future jointly with the Sectional Title Holders in St. Johannis Park). In addition there is a “St. Johannis Reserve Fund” which has three members appointed by the Founder Members and which administrates the Reserves of the St. Johannis Organisation.

The St. Johannis Heim has capacity for 61 residents in 3 different sections divided in line with the degree of care which the residents require. These sections are: Frail Care 20 beds, Middle floor 29 beds and Johanniter Ward with 12 beds. There are both single and double rooms. Certain rooms have their own bathroom and the remainder share bath room facilities. The rooms in the Frail Care and Johanniter Ward are bright, furnished with hospital beds, a hand wash basin and mirror, TV connection (optional satellite TV connection available) and a Nurse-call-system.

The rooms in Middle floor can be furnished with the residents’ own furniture.
As personal wellbeing and professional care of residents are of utmost importance to staff and management of the St. Johannes Heim, a team of 45 health workers (Professional Registered Nurses, Enrolled Auxiliary Nurses and Ward Aids) cover the 24 hour shift, 7 days a week.
The cleaning, catering and laundry services are outsourced and represent another 22 people working in the Organisation. This makes a formidable team of qualified and caring people looking after our residents.

There is a spacious, bright and well catered dining room where breakfast, lunch and dinner is served 7 days a week. There are also dining rooms in Frail Care and in the Johanniter Ward and if required, meals are served in the residents’ rooms. The costs of these meals are included in the monthly levies paid by the residents of the Heim.

The residents of St. Johannis Gardens and St. Johannis Park can also have their meals in the main dining room at an additional cost.

Entertainment to the elderly is provided according to their needs and abilities. This ranges from physical exercises to singing, music, playing games, crafts, reading, church services, and birthday parties as well as special entertainment in the evening. A library is provided where residents can help themself to reading materials. A communal big screen TV with satellite channels is available as well. Weekly trips to a shopping centre close by are offered and many residents make use of the opportunity of going for regular walks in the garden.

In addition to the normal service rendered by the health carers, throughout the year there are several volunteers (local and from overseas) who take care of these programs.

Depending on the level of care and the set-up of the room the cost varies from currently R 9,581 up to R 14,477 for a single room per month. These fees include 3 meals a day, laundry and nursing services. Fees are reviewed once a year.

St. Johannis Gardens is a Retirement Village with 52 one and two bedroom cottages and flats where residents live independently but with Home Care Service provided if required.
It is set in a tranquil environment with landscaped gardens and a swimming pool.

The units in Gardens are sold as Life Rights. This means that the purchaser of a unit pays a consideration (indicated below) and has the right to live in the unit (together with his/her spouse) until he/she is unable to care for him/herself or to leave for whatever reason (or on the death of the survivor of the life right holder and his/her spouse). At this point the unit must be sold and the Life Right Holder receives back the consideration he/she originally paid plus a 10% of the profit of the re-sale of the unit.

All general services such as 24 hours security at the gate, gardening services, use of swimming pool facility, maintenance of all exterior parts of the cottages and flats, satellite dish and an intercom system for emergencies are provided and included in the monthly levies.

The cottages and flats cost R 17,050 per m2. Therefore, a 1-bedroom flat of 42 m2 (our smallest unit) costs R 716,100 and comes with a monthly levy obligation of R 1,111.22.
A 2-bedroom cottage of 69 m2 (our biggest unit) costs R 1 176 450 and comes with a monthly levy obligation of R 1,934.32.

To be able to buy a Life Right in Gardens you must be able to live independently.
Therefore you have full liberty to come and go as you please and to interact with your neighbours as much as you like. You will find out very soon that the Gardens residents are people of your age group (you must be at least 60 years to be admitted although your spouse can be younger) and share similar values and interest. As a consequence people socialize a lot, go out together and enjoy friendly fellowship.

St. Johannis Park is an extension to our existing Retirement Village of St. Johannis Gardens.

The development will also be a housing development scheme for retired persons but will fesature sectional title units. The development will consist of 12 one bedroom flats of 52 m2, 24 flats of 70 m2 and 10 freestanding units of 104 m2 units with two bedrooms and a garage.

All services supplied to St. Johannis Gardens such as Nurse Call system, Emergency nursing on standby, intercom linked to Frail Care, Internet access and Satellite TV as well as Home Based Care will also be available for the residents of St. Johannis Park. The sales phase for the units has just started at the end of October 2015 and the interest in purchasing is great so potential purchasers need to act quickly. Completion of the units is currently envisaged for end of 2016, subject to pre-sales and building plan approval proceeding as planned.

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Sister. Marina Basson
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Fax General: 021-939-5689.