5 Year Award

C. Willoughby
D. Daames
E. Jooste
L. Michaels
C. Volkwyn
I. Booysen
J. Johnson
L. McClean
J. Petersen
G. Stubbs
P. Schulte

10 Year Award

C. Willoughby
T. Marthinus
E. Arends
P. Brandt
S. Carolus
Y. Cloete
L. Scholtz
M. Diederiks
T. Jack
W. Klink
S. September
E. Steenkamp
H. Böhme
S. Hofheinz

15 Year Award

E. Lesch
B. Oktober
V. Prins

20 Year Award

E. Hartzenberg
M. Olyn

25 Year Award

N. Siswana
N. Strauss

After many years the idea of acknowledging the dedication of the Organisation’s staff was revived and a Long Service Award event was held on the morning of 04 October 2018. Going forward, this will be a yearly event.

Staff were presented with certificates for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years’ service to the company together with a monetary remuneration for their loyalty. Special mention goes to Naomi Strauss and Princess Siswana, who received a certificate for 25 years of dedicated service.

After the formalities the occasion was celebrated with a wonderful and delicious spread of finger foods from the Feedem kitchen.

We thank and congratulate all staff for their loyalty towards the Organisation and hope for many more successful years together. Onwards and upwards!