Dear Residents

On behalf of the board and management of the St. Johannis Organisation, I would like to thank you for your understanding and cooperation in these unprecedented times of Corona Virus (COVID-19) disease pandemic.

I would like to reassure you that we are in regular consultation with the department of Health, and are heeding the President’s call to take the necessary precautions to ensure the comfort, care and safety of all our residents. Strict rules and regulations apply to all citizens during the Lockdown period which as you are aware, affects us at St Johannis.

Our mission at St. Johannis is to enrich senior residents’ lives through a dedicated and fully qualified nursing team and to protect the lives of our residents.  We are taking great care to deliver the best service and can give you the assurance that our nursing staff will continue their work to the best of their abilities with the assistance of a medical doctor who will be on the premises daily. We give you the assurance that our supplier Feedem is fully accredited and operates under strict Occupational Health and Safety guidelines. Please do not hesitate to place your order for food supplies with Feedem if you do not wish to buy online.

Our management team remains fully committed to its values of providing all residents with the necessary comfort and care during these trying times. A skeleton management team will therefore remain on the premises and some staff members will be able to work from home via their computers, in order for St. Johannis to be fully operational during this period.

We trust that you and your family will stay safe and healthy and ask for your patience and support during the Lockdown.

Kind regards

Ralph Arend

Chairperson: St. Johannis Organisation


Rules for prevention of Corona Virus (COVID-19) disease

1              St. Johannis Organisation has been closed until further notice.

2              This means that no visitors or family/relatives will be permitted to enter the premises under any circumstances.

3              Residents are not allowed to leave the premises.

4              Residents may not go out to buy food. These can be ordered on-line OR an order can be placed in-house with Feedem.

5              Pharmaceutical products and/or medication for delivery and drop-off with the Security Officer at the gate.

6              For health and safety reasons residents are advised to stay in their own rooms, flatlets or homes and are discouraged from even visiting each other.

7              Residents in the Frail Care centre and Dementia unit may not receive visitors.

8              Residents must at all times follow the social distancing guidelines to prevent the disease from spreading.

Corona Virus (COVID-19) TASK TEAM

General reception 021 9396196
Heike Nel (General admin manager) 072 216 2963
Nesa Hofheinz (Human resources management) 072 120 8754
Petra Schulte (Gardens management) 083 961 3027
Inge Demasius (Head nursing sister) 072 636 4783
Lindy La Grange (Accountant) 082 494 7304
Hilke Gartz (Marketing) 074 073 7575
Eugene Jooste (Park chairperson) 082 888 6585
Walter Schwaer (Board member) 082 593 4441
Guenter Berg (Treasurer) 082 581 1449
Ralph Arend (St Johannnis chairperson) 071 386 2801