On Saturday afternoon, 13 July 2019, residents and staff of the St. Johannis Organisation were invited to the opening of the Mountain View Community Hall. Over 160 people attended this event, which kicked off with official speeches after which everyone enjoyed a delicious sweet and savory buffet and explored the new facilities as well as a bedroom, which is furnished as a show room. The afternoon was a huge success.

Below a few extracts from the Chairman’s speech:

The Mountain View project is an extension to the “old” St. Johannis Heim including 16 rooms and a totally new “Tagesraum” (Communal Hall).
The cost of the project has been R 16 000 000 and was completed in 1 year. Funding came from Donations/Bequests and Reserves which the St. Johannis Organisation had built up over the years.

Mountain View is the culmination of a cycle of the St. Johannis Organisation
Almost 40 years ago – in 1981 St. Johannis Heim/Old Age was opened.
Almost 20 years later – in 1998/99 St. Johannis Gardens was built and residents moved in as the units were completed.                                                                        

2 years ago – in October 2017 – St. Johannis Park was built and finally on 13th of July 2019 we were fortunate to open Mountain View.                                                                  

Once Mountain View is fully occupied our St. Johannis Organisation will have:

  • capacity for 220 residents (in the Old Age Home and the two Retirement Villages);
  • 100 staff members (including outsourced services and shift-work);
  • an annual budget of R 20 Million and
  • total book value well in excess of R 200 Million

But most importantly the St. Johannis Organisation will be set up to weather the challenges of the future!

What is needed now is that we all – residents, staff, Management Committee – join forces to become a real “Community”.  And this “Community idea” can be fully expressed and put into practice in the new “Tagesraum”.
It must become the place where all of us – residents of Heim, Gardens and Park – come together in small or big groups and interact, support each other and form a real “family”!

We have these facilities: it is up to all of us to make real use of them.

Fritz Körte, Chairman of the Board