They come in all shapes and sizes, young and old, all wanting to have fun, appreciate a glass of wine, love good food, enjoy and admire the beautiful scenery, do something different… Who are THEY you might ask? 

The people I’m referring to, are the ones who visited the Olive Festival in Riebeek Kasteel last month.

And I’m not exaggerating – there were a few thousand around!

The SAARP Social Club Bellville, where I’m a member, organized a day outing to Riebeek Kasteel and to fill the bus, I advertised the tour at the SJO, got a positive response and the two volunteer ladies Rita and Karin, Magda, Madeleine, Jennifer and George all from Park joined the group.

Travelling in a luxury bus it took just over one hour to reach our destination.

The entrance fee included free access to seven wine farms, and we all got a free glass and the choice to fill it with white or red wine, or a bottle of water.

Moving around the village and the wine farms was quite unique. You are sitting on bales of straw, in a wagon pulled by a tractor hopping on and off as you like; everyone with a big smile on their faces, some spilling wine as the tractor moves, rubbing shoulders with strangers, chatting and laughing. Can you imagine what great fun we had?

And if you don’t like wine tasting, there are plenty of other attractions, food stalls, boutiques, craft stalls and shops you can explore. You won’t get bored, that’s a promise.

Think about it, you might want to do it next year.

Günter Berg

On Saturday, May 04 at 09 am four residents of the Park and the two volunteers joined the Bellville Seniors Club for this trip, organised by Günter Berg. After a pleasant 2 hours´ journey we arrived at our destination, a huge open-air market where not only olive products were sold but also items of clothing, jewellery etc. There was also an auction of carpets, and a display of traditional African dancing.After looking at the many interesting stalls and buying olive paste my husband and I had an excellent lunch with guitar accompaniment. Then, oh dear! Coffee was not served, and after going to other restaurants where they either served  only full meals, kebabs, or were closed entirely, we finally ended in a wine restaurant where we could sit down and enjoy some wine., a good compensation and a way to rest our tired feet . Coffee was sold at stalls, but without seating arrangements!

On returning to the bus we watched guests arriving at a wedding at a nearby church, then at 04 pm we drove home past several olive fields

An interesting day with good companionship.

Thank you, Günter for organising it,                                      Jennifer Bransby