Elvira Grundhöfer

Elvira is 64 years old from Eppelborn in the Saarland, Germany.
She is retired since August 2018.
Elvira studied to be a carer for children initially but through the years has diverged to care for the elderly. She has done many courses on wound care and musical movement as well as exercising through sitting aerobics and dance for the elderly. She has worked as a department and project head in old age homes for over 20 years.
Elvira has also participated in many cooking and baking courses.
This visit would be her first long overseas visit and she had in the past volunteered on her community council and assisted with care and support of refugees.
She enjoys cooking, baking and garden work. Further hobbies are swimming, cycling and jogging, writing children’s books and making festive decorations.

Notburga (Burgi) Beihammer

Burgi is 63 years old, originally from Austria, but lives in Buchs, Switzerland now.
She is retired since 2016.
Burgi studied being a foreign language secretary but afterwards moved on to train as a technical assistant in radiology and also later lymph drainage and foot reflexology massaging.
She has spent extended time in South America, Spain and Russia already and has volunteered before in hospitals and old age homes.
She loves flowers and gardening as well as reading.