Wie wunderbar: Südafrika hat zum 37. Mal in London bei der Royal Chelsea Flower Show den 1. Preis bekommen.

We have won again and for the 37th time! What does this tell us? Yes, we have the most beautiful flowers in the world.

We also have the most plant species in the smallest area. Our Floral Kingdom (1 of 6) – in which we actually live, covers an area less than 90 000 square Kilometres with about 8600 plant species. The British Isles, a much larger region, have only 1500 species.  This unique vegetation is called Fynbos. It grows all around us on the mountains and in all areas which have not yet been developed.

Actually, neither trees nor grass has ever belonged to the Fynbos vegetation. Some of them have become invasive.

Maybe we should count ourselves extremely lucky that we live in this the smallest Floral Kingdom.

Having an indigenous garden with as many indigenous plants as possible would not only be waterwise, but also beautiful.

The necessity to plant new annuals each spring will fall away.

Gisela Wittenberg hat ihren Garten umgestaltet, er sieht wunderschön aus.