The Trustees of St. Johannis Park

Louisa Botes: I was born in Namibia and lived in the Cape, Johannesburg, and Switzerland. Before joining the life insurance industry in 1993, I worked in hospitals as an occupational therapist. To travel, read, knit, spend time with friends, family and Biscuit, my cat, currently complements the privilege of some volunteer community work. I’ll focus on Conduct Rules.

My name is Ralph Arend. I studied International Science and started my diplomatic career at the South African Foreign Ministry. I met my wife, Uschi, at university and we have two sons. For my work we travelled the world. We moved to Cape Town in 2015 after my early retirement. I was co-opted by the MC in 2017 to represent the interest of the Park residents and I will continue doing that.

Elizabeth Hultzer or Elsa as I am better known. For the last twenty years I’ve been self-employed at craft markets and for the last eighteen years I am a volunteer working at the Tygerberg Hospice shop once a week . I have lived in the Belville area most of my life. My Trustee portfolio will be gardening and cleaning.

Hannes Krynauw says the first Krynauw in South Africa worked for the VOC and established him in Cape Town in 1707. He named his farm Grabouw, after his home town, Grabo, near Mecklenburg, Germany. I completed my studies at the University of Stellenbosch and lived in Namibia for 4 years before returning to Cape Town. I am a self-employed Urban Planner, married to Renate (Giese) and we have two teenagers. Renate’s mother, Evi lives in Park, and her father is in the Heim. My Trustee portfolio is repairs, maintenance and security.

Hannes Krynauw and André Ellis
André Ellis is the managing agent of Labuscaigne Management Services.