Linda Becker, a retired occupational therapist, provides important weekly support in the Johanniter section, gives input on personal needs of residents, started the knitting project in support of CHOC welfare and brightens up the little garden

Romy Schneider comes every week for either a chat-café or an activity round.

Graciela Körte comes twice a week, for Bingo and then the second-hand shop.

The Heim has a very special two-bedroom flat for Volunteers that come from Germany. Here we see Barbara, Ruth Ackermann and Gabi Luedecke outside the flat they are staying in.

Irmela Blaich lives in Gardens and is on the Heim committee. She chairs a bible study in German once a week and makes life in the Heim special with her music.

Suzanne Gebhardt comes every Tuesday morning to teach gymnastics

Ulli Sachse and his music team: Ingrid Stellbrink, Irmela Blaich, Ulli and Kappi Kappelhoff.

Ulrich and Hannelore together frequently take care of the music at the devotions, birthday singing and folk-songs.