Welcome to Park house owners that have moved in

I’m Günter Berg. In November 2017, I moved to a house in Park.

The decision to start a new chapter in my life was prompted by a phone call from Linette Teepe asking me whether or not I’m still interested in a house in Park. Was it co-incidental or was it “meant to be”, I don’t know but I received that message exactly one year after my wife died.

I have no family in South Africa (my friends, and I have many) are my family.  At the Johannis Organisation, I hope to receive the care and support if needed, because that was the prime reason for me to make the move.

My son is married and lives in Auckland, New Zealand.  I have 3 grandchildren and since January I’m also a proud Great Grandfather.

It was quite common at that time, after world war 2 opportunities were very limited, and I started my working life at age 14.  I qualified as a metal-worker but wanted to further my training and learned Technical Draughtsman.  I was 24 when I immigrated to South Africa.  The training I received in Germany was the stepping stone for me to find suitable employment, which was at “South African Light Metal Industries”, at the time, the leading company in the Architectural Metal Industry.

During the next 20 years I held various senior positions at different companies, the last of which was at one of the companies controlled by M&R who then decided to close the company and I with about 200 others became redundant.

1987, I decided to start my own business, naturally also in the Aluminium Industry, sold the business a few years later, and then started trading with specialized hardware, also for the same Industry.

After 20 years at 65, I sold the business to my partner and I was fortunate enough to be able to spend some time travelling with my wife.

At the Resident meeting on the 11th. July, Ralph Arend appointed me as another trustee, and I hope that with the support of the residents of park, I can make a positive contribution for us all.

The Heim is a well-established care centre within the St. Johannis retirement village. Yet it continues to evolve because it is committed to creating a home where people who face challenges can LIVE.

Liebe Leser – ich bin Pierre Guyer

Es wurde mir gesagt, ich sei am 15. Juli 1938 in Rotterdam geboren und dann im Grossmünster Zürich als Schweizerbürger getauft worden.

Bald zogen wir ins schweizerische (sprachliche) Ausland – an den Genfersee, wo ich meine gesamte Schulzeit auch französisch verbrachte.

1969 nahm ich einen 2-Jahresvertrag nach Südafrika an – und ich bin immer noch da!

Frisch verwitwet wohne ich jetzt im St. Johannis Park, wo ich mein Heim und neues Leben einrichte.

Da sind noch viele Dinge anzupassen, zu ändern und das mach ich gerne selber. Man muss sich bei jedem Schritt in eine kleinere Umgebung von vielen Dingen trennen, die einem bisher begleitet haben, und das braucht Zeit. Das hilft mir auch den Umzug innerlich und äußerlich zu verarbeiten.

Bin glücklich hier und schätze sehr, dass ich sogar einige “alte” Bekannte gefunden habe.