Committee Members

Chairperson: F. Körte

Deputy Chairperson: J. Hildebrand

Treasurer: U. Voigt

Secretary:  H. Nel

Gardens Administrator:  Sr. M. Basson (voted by the AGM on 21.09.2016)

Finance Committee:  to be assigned at a later stage

Rep. of the MC in Gardens Committee: A. Deary

Heim Committee: Dr. H. Welke, I. Rencken, H. Böhme, Sr Basson

PR Committee: E. Gerntholtz, I. Rencken, Sr Basson

Technical Committee: F. Körte, H. Böhme

St. Johannis Park: F. Körte, H. Böhme, J. Hildebrand

Heim enlargement:  Sr. M. Basson, Dr. H. Welke, H. Böhme, F. Körte

Volunteer work:  Sr. M. Basson, E. Gerntholtz

Johanniter:  O. Gerntholtz

The Management Committee of the St Johannis Organization is responsible for managing the affairs of the Heim, Gardens and recently the Park. They are volunteers, except for Sr Basson, Mr Böhme and Heike Nel. The members of the Committee are:

Mr Uwe Voigt, Mr Otto Gerntholtz, Mr Heinz Böhme, Dr Hildegard Welke, Mr Eric Lothaller, Mrs Erika Gerntholtz, Mr Fritz Körte, Sr Marina Basson, Mrs Irmgard Rencken, Mrs Heike Nel (Secretary), Mr Ralph Arend.
{Absent: Mrs. Angela Deary, Mr Jan Hildebrandt}


O. Gerntholtz

St. Johannis Heim Committee

Dr. H. Welke
I. Rencken
H. Böhme
Sr Basson

Public Relations

I. Rencken (Chair)
E. Gerntholtz
M Basson

Finance Committee

Mr Uwe Voigt

Technical Committee

F. Körte
H. Böhme

St. Johannis Park Committee

F. Körte
H. Böhme
J. Hildebrand

Reserve Fund Committee

K. von Pressentin