A few months ago, the Garden residents decided to exchange their committee for work-groups.  It has not always been easy and many a day we wondered if that was a wise decision.  Now that we look back we can see it works well, and many new friendships are formed. There are the following groups:  Activities and social events, gardening, birthday wishes, welcoming new people, information and notice board, printing, newspapers and postmen, cleaning materials and the recycling team.
Then there is Lisbeth Dürsteller. Now Lisbeth gets called when there are ants or anything crawling that must go and she turns up with all her gear.  Here we find her the day after the operation to see if her onslaught was successful. Only when there is evidence of her success can she sweep it all away.  Lisbeth is the only person I know to enjoy getting rid of her success.
Thank you to all the residents who work together as one big team to make the Gardens a comfortable home for us all.